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About the feedback based performance review template

Mantel Group's business is based on delivering an exceptional client experience. As a result, their entire performance review process is based on feedback from both internal team members and clients. At the end of a client project, feedback is collected on each team members performance. This is completed after every meaningful piece of work. Gain an insight into how Mantel has used this approach to become Number One on Australia's Best Workplaces back-to-back! Download the template to see how it works. Thanks to the Mantel Group team for sharing this with us!

How does this review help HR managers and HR leaders?

This approach is very different to most performance review processes. It starts from the simple assumption that the only thing that matters is the feedback of colleagues and customers. By bringing customers feedback into the process HR can automatically link the health and growth of the organisation into the performance process. HR very rarely gets this level of customer insight in this context. This delivers a range of benefits;

  1. Improved customer insight: By including customer feedback in the performance review process, HR can gain a better understanding of how the team's work impacts customers and the drivers of customer engagement. This can help HR to support overall customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased business success.
  2. More accurate assessment of performance: Including customer feedback can provide a more holistic and accurate assessment of an employee's performance. Feedback from customers can help to give insights into strengths and weaknesses that may not be apparent through traditional performance metrics. At a macro level this can improve training and development priorities.
  3. Increased employee engagement: Including customers in the performance review process can increase employee engagement by helping employees to see the impact of their work on customers. This can lead to greater job satisfaction, motivation, and a sense of purpose in their work.
  4. Better alignment with business goals: Including customers in the performance review process can help to ensure that HR led business goals and objectives are aligned with the overall goals of the business. This can lead to improved business performance and increased profitability.
  5. Improved communication and collaboration: Including customers in the performance review process can help HR support better communication and collaboration between employees and customers. This can help to build stronger relationships and improve teamwork, which can lead to better business outcomes.

Overall, including customers in the performance review process can provide a range of benefits for HR, employees and the business as a whole. It can help to improve customer satisfaction, provide a more accurate assessment of performance, increase employee engagement, align HR goals with business objectives, and foster better communication and collaboration.

The review experience

The review asks colleagues and customers to rate the person's performance against a list of behaviours that link to Mantel Groups values, It then includes an open question response field. Sample questions from this review:

  • What is this person doing well?
  • What could this person do more of?

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