Values and Culture

Help employees improve the way they get things done with meaningful values

Make your company values meaningful

Create a true values framework that employees believe in and can easily reference to help them make the right decisions for your company - every day. With a real-time values tally, know which values are strong and which to promote.

Involve your team and get deeper buy-in

Define your values

Co-create the supporting behaviours for each of your values with representatives from your organisation. Even capture behaviours that employees don’t want to see in their team.

Displayed on your dashboard every day

Bring your values to life

Now you’ve captured your values and supporting behaviours, bring them to life on your employee dashboard. See the supporting behaviours circulate the footers of every email, gently reminding employees of what was collectively agreed.

Not just displayed

Integrated everywhere

See your values automatically appear in feedback processes, status updates and 1-on-1 meetings. Make it easy to badge team members for living the behaviours and easily conduct a coaching conversation.


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