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Thousands of employees with different requirements across varying business units? We've got you covered! Reach out for more information.

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You only understand the nuance of P&C processes through many conversations with HR leaders at the pointy end. We pride ourselves on our personalised support for all our customers


We love supporting great causes! Great people and culture processes are especially relevant for NFPs. We have discounts available depending on your use-case. Reach out for a chat to find out more!

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Is there a minimum contract?

Our min contract is $2760 per annum which includes 20 employee licenses.

Do you charge for the number of employees in bands?

No. Once you get over the minimum, we only charge for the exact number of people using our platform at any given time. We are not fans of charging you for something you aren't using.

Are licenses reusable when a person leaves?

Yes, when someone leaves and a new person starts the license will automatically be transferred to the new employee. We like to keep it simple.

Do you charge to access employee data after someone leaves?

No. We keep the full performance history for ex-employees for the duration of your contract, at no charge. You can access this data at any time.

Do you charge extra for feedback from customers and other external parties?

No, we only charge for your employee accounts. You can enter the email addresses of customers, partners etc to request external feedback without incurring any additional fees.

Do you have plans for Not For Profits?

Yes, we support many NFPs and a 20% discount is applicable to the amounts shown above.