Employee segmentation is the foundation to successful EX

Leverage employee audiences to create hyper-personalized experiences

Dynamic audiences that look after themselves

Specify your criteria

Select a primary criteria, like 'Employee is a People Leader', options include relationships, dates, events, statuses, and any custom data from your HRIS.

We challenge you to find a criteria we haven't got covered!

Get more targeted

Enhance your criteria by adding extra filters. For instance, you want the audience to only include people leaders that are part of the Executive Team and don't have a mentor.

It's that simple! You just created an audience.

This audience can now be used all through the platform.

In this example, it could trigger an experience, like nudging an executive to choose a mentor for a 12 month growth journey.


Use employee audiences to achieve the ultimate in EX personalization

Experience eligibility

Audiences can filter employees in or out of an experience, for example, junior roles receive an exit survey, while senior roles have an exit interview.

Permission allocation

Achieve fine-grained permission controls eg. specifiy an audience that is attached to an HRBP that needs full access to specific employee records.

Feature configuration

Tailor configurations to different audiences, like OKR's for one business unit and KPI's for another.

Simplicity management

Only show relevant features to each audience, eliminating distractions from unnecessary features.

Review flexibility

Create more meaningful and relevant reviews with role-specific templates allocated based on employee functions.

Employee persona's

Automatically group employees into personas, enabling a customized experience tailored to each persona.

Dynamic audiences

No need for manual updates, Crewmojo audiences are self-managing. As employees meet or cease to meet the criteria, they automatically join or exit their respective audiences.

The EX automation difference

Automate completely unique experiences for your employees in minutes

What next?
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