Employee interactions powered by HRIS data

Employee experience automation driven from your HRIS, payroll or Excel data.

Treat every employee like your most important — whether you have 100 or 100 thousand

Triggers launch targeted experiences precisely when they matter most. Engage each employee in a personalized, meaningful and timely experience.

Say goodbye to the 'HR box-ticking' label forever 👋

Automated by data

Integrate your HRIS, Payroll or spreadsheets to auto enrol employees into experiences based on changes to their data.

A team member gets promoted, trigger the new manager experience. A new starter finishes their probation period, trigger a probation review.

Data triggers ensure nobody gets left behind!

Orchestrated by HR

Want more control? You got it.

Enjoy complete flexibility to initiate experiences based on your specific criteria.

Whether it's a one-time event, a recurring activity, a set date, or even distributing a 1-on-1 meeting agenda to two individuals, you have the power to tailor as you see fit.

Owned by employees

Empower employees to manage their own performance by giving the ability to start experiences like career discussions, skill reviews or development plans whenever it suits them best.

Watch retention rates rise as you place your proactive employees in the drivers seat.

Build employee performance with EX automation

Set minimum expectations

Use Data Triggers to automate your essential requirements like quarterly check-ins.

Offer autonomy

Boost employee performance by providing access to all your performance-building experiences.

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A platform that feels like it's just for you

Give your employees their mojo using EX automation tailored to your unique organisation!