Make 1-on-1s simple for even the newest manager

Do the simple things consistently well. Turn the everyday 1-on-1 meeting into the cornerstone of your performance process.

Right tool-kit

Give your leaders
the right tool-kit

Our extensive library of one-on-one templates is full of conversation starters. They include all the right questions to support managers to have better coaching conversations. You can even tweak them or create your own templates.

Utilise our advanced employee audience targeting tools to get the right templates to the right teams, when they need it.

Full calendar integration.

See real-time meeting availability when requesting a meeting and seamlessly include video links from your preferred tool.

Right flow

Surface your tools in the flow of work

Give managers the support they need, when they need it. Give them the freedom to take their conversations in the right direction.

Our performance tools help managers stay focused on coaching their team to achieve their performance goals.

Right timing

Consistent conversations

Want to make sure everyone in the business is having a fortnightly conversation? Easy. Monthly? Sure. Let the team self-manage? No problem.

The combination of your way of working with our templates will continuously boost your team's productivity and performance.

"Using the one-on-one feature puts a focus on
preparing for the one-on-one
and improves the quality of the interaction."

Krisandra Kay


Right focus

effective 1-on-1s

Using our agenda tool, teams can capture action items during each one-on-one. They'll stay organised with automated meeting minutes. Track completed action items between meetings. No more follow-up emails.

Keep your team on track and moving forward.

Right Behaviour

Better manage performance improvement

Each 1-on-1 meeting creates an audit trail. Easily see what was covered and actioned in 1-on-1s. Improve HR's picture of performance issues and support the team to improve performance.

It's transparent & fair.


More features

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