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EX Orchestration

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Begin with a focused outcome and simple implementation to win employee trust from day one.

EX triggers

A trigger is an event that starts an experience

Employee audiences

Personalize experiences by role, team, location or other data to build your employee personas.


An activity is an event for employees to complete - it could be a 1-on-1, survey, task, or other activity that will help create an exceptional employee experience.

What to expect


We don't mind extra demos or deep-diving into nuanced requirements because there's nothing worse than discovering blockers when it's too late.


Every customer gets the time and attention that’s required to make them successful with our platform. When you join Crewmojo, you feel like the platform is made for you. It's already flexible, but if there's something that doesn't fit, we work with you.


We are flexible, responsive, and enjoy a human connection with our customers. It takes a little more time but we thrive together when we get to know you and what makes your organisation tick.

Business Model

We don’t believe in a ‘growth-at-all-costs’ business model. With 80% of our business coming from word of mouth, we focus on the success of our customers and treat every relationship how we would like to be treated.

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