Integrated into the flow of work

Integrates seamlessly with your other productivity tools

A seamless experience for HR and employees

Integrate with your HRIS or payroll system to drive employee data and reporting relationships in Crewmojo. Make it easy for employees to do performance in the flow of work with integrations for key productivity tools. With features like single sign-on (SSO), notifications, calendars etc. We make it easy, and if you seek something out of the ordinary, no problem!

Microsoft 365

Our robust integration with Microsoft 365 offers the chance to access the benefits of Crewmojo's platform in the tools and flows of the employee's everyday work.

HR Systems

Easily synchronise your people data into Crewmojo from many HR systems - API, file transfer and manual file upload options available.

Google Workspace

If you're using Google Workspace you can quickly get going with SSO, calendar event integration and more.

Azure AD

Seamlessly authenticate user access via your Microsoft active directory


We have REST API capabilities so you can trigger actions in Crewmojo programmatically


Share feedback and praise from within, and to, your company Slack channels. Receive notifications from Crewmojo directly in Slack


Crewmojo can be integrated into Teams as an addable tab, making it easy to access the platform from within Teams! Also, receive your Crewmojo notifications directly in Teams with our Teams chatbot app.


Using CSV we can synchronise your employee data. CSV can be generated from most platforms to export data.


Integrate Zoom meetings directly with calendar events like 1-on-1 meetings set up with Crewmojo


Easily roll out Crewmojo Single sign-on (SSO) with our Okta application. Manage your identity and access.

Google Calendar

Send calendar invites to Google Workspace calendars from within Crewmojo, automatic link to reschedule for any meeting conflicts.

People HR

Synchronise your people data into Crewmojo from People HR

Cisco DUO

Manage your identity and access with Cisco DUO SSO.


Synchronise your people data into Crewmojo from ELMO

OpenID Connect

Manage your identity and access with the generic OpenID Connect SSO integration


Crewmojo is now addable as a tab in Staffbase! Your people can access the full suite without having to leave the Staffbase app.

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