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Create personalized employee experiences that guide connection, development, performance, and engagement.

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Goodbye tools and resources. Hello, personalized experiences.

The world is reorienting on employee experience, but existing HR tech is centred on tools and resources that employees need to find, contextualize and understand.
It's time to serve employees with a personalized experience.

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Example Experiences

Feedback Experience

Create a guided feedback experience that helps employees feel comfortable, confident and constructive while navigating this traditionally hard process.

Review experience

Seamlessly weave in goals, performance standards, coaching questions and contextual data to support the most personalized, fair and meaningful review experience possible.  

Coaching check-ins

Maintain a focus on goals, personal development, and organizational culture all year round with regular check-ins.

Onboarding experience

Create multi-participant workflows that coordinate all the relevant team members to ensure a smooth and organized onboarding experience for new-starters.

Problems we eat for breakfast

Spreadsheet performance systems

Turn your spreadsheet and document-based performance system into an engaging digital experience.

Rigid performance software

Your current software is holding you back. It's time to implement a system that let's you run the processes you want.

Launching performance for the first time

You're introducing a new performance experience and you want to get it right first time.

Automate and personalize experiences like...

Role Changes
Goal Setting
Development Plans
Career Paths
And many more...

Move faster with an agile approach to HR

Deliver value in steps, give proof points to the iterative process.


Quickly build new experiences, from goal-setting and onboarding to talent assessments & more – flexibility is at the core.


Launch new experiences with pilot teams, gather feedback and enjoy stakeholder reactions when you tweak the tech!


Iterate using simple feedback forms integrated with existing experiences to maintain relevance and effectiveness.

Integrates with your HRIS, payroll & core office systems

Teams, Slack, SSO, Calendar, CSV, API - we've got you covered

Happy and successful employees - that's

We believe a successful company starts with happy and fulfilled employees. Our platform lets you cultivate a culture where your employees flourish.


No doubt you still have lots of questions. Let's strike a few off. If you've got more questions, contact us!

What kind of support do you offer?

Our support team is based in Australia and will guide you every step along the way. You will know our names, be able to reach us and you will work with the same people consistently.

What kind of adoption rates and user feedback do you typically see?

Our platform is configured based on your unique ways of working and is fully branded so it feels like your own. We use this flexibility to achieve extraordinary user engagement and unmatched adoption levels.

What if I don't want to include feedback or one of the other elements you offer?

That's OK. Our customers work in all different ways. We will set up the system to reflect your approach.

Can I have a custom workflow to meet my businesses ways of working?

Yes, you can. Our platform is designed to be flexible enough to match your ways of working. We don't believe in imposing a process that doesn't feel natural to your team.

Can I see an example of how you adapt your platform to our processes?

Yes, if you send us your current performance documents, spreadsheets or preferred process we will create a custom demo that shows you how your process will look. Just click here to book a custom demo.

How quickly can you implement the system?

Once your process is clear, our average implementation period is three to six weeks. We pride ourselves on doing this in a thorough and professional way that makes it easy for your team to adopt the platform.

What are you waiting for?

Give your employees their mojo using EX automation tailored to your unique organisation!