Free your team from performance systems that drive them crazy

Crewmojo,the flexible performance platform that feels like we built it just for you.

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Crewmojo: performance software

Performance, your way

Crewmojo: intuitive employee experience

A simple intuitive employee experience

An easy-to-use platform made for people. Fully responsive on mobile & desktop. Crewmojo works wherever you are.
Crewmojo: Right performance building blocks

The right performance building blocks

All the performance elements in one place. Set goals and give support in your 1-on-1s. Get feedback & experience a fair transparent review.
Crewmojo: flexible performance management

All the flexibility you need to fit your culture

Meet our highly rated hands-on local support crew. We help you shape performance, your way & get you live faster.

Trusted by amazing places

Your flexible brandable dashboard is just the start

Crewmojo: brandable performance dashboard
It's so customisable, ..... organisations can use it to compliment their processes and frameworks as opposed to being dictated to by software about how they choose to do performance management.
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Crewmojo: Goal Setting
Goal Setting

Choose your goal setting approach

Do you like OKR's, KPI's or SMART goals? We work whatever your approach. Maybe some departments do things differently. That's OK, Crewmojo can work with that.

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Crewmojo: 1-on-1s
Coaching in 1-on-1s

Set your rhythm & templates

Create easy-to-use templates and links to resources. Set a frequency or let teams decide. Record agendas, action items and timeframes. Feel the joy of getting things done. Now that's mojo.

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Crewmojo: Performance Feedback
Recieve Recognition

Values-driven feedback

Link values to feedback from peers, managers and customers. Make it anonymous or open & transparent. Refer to the feedback in 1-on-1s and in reviews. Crewmojo helps makes it easy to recognise your team's work.

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Crewmojo: Performance Reviews
Easy to complete reviews

Everything you need in one place

Set a simple template. See the employee assessment before you meet. Review 1-on-1s and feedback from the last year. See last year's review. Crewmojo creates a fair and transparent review process.

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Integrating with your HRIS, payroll & workflow systems

Frequently asked questions

No doubt you still have lots of questions. Let's strike a few off.

Do goal updates automatically roll up from frontline teams to the exec?
Crewmojo: FAQs

Yes, we don't like to waste your time updating reports. That would be boring.

Is there visibility of performance information right up the reporting line?
Crewmojo: FAQs

Yes, of course, there is! We like to make things super easy.

Can I create automated workflows for different parts of the employee lifecycle?
Crewmojo: FAQs

Yes. New starters, tick. Role changes, yes! Exit interviews, no worries.

Does employee history get handed over to new managers?
Crewmojo: FAQs

Yes, of course! It wouldn't make sense if you couldn't, would it?

Can someone report to two bosses?
Crewmojo: FAQs

Yes, we used to have two bosses ourselves. Hectic. The platform can definitely do this.

Still have questions?

Have a chat with us and ask us every question on your list.
We can show you a bit more of the platform at the same time.

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Crewmojo apps keep you connected to your team members wherever you are. Update your one-on-one agenda’s, praise on the go and respond to team updates.

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