The performance platform for EX-focused organisations

Implement a performance process that matches your organisation's culture, values, & ways of working.

Craft a personalised experience

Unlock the true potential of your employees with a performance experience customised to your organisation. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all solutions. Today's workforce craves personalised and meaningful interactions. Empower your workforce like never before and watch as they thrive in an environment designed just for them.


Increase engagement through more personalised and meaningful connections with employees.


Unlock the full potential of your workforce through modern performance enablement.


Foster growth, engagement, and retention through employee development initiatives.


Drive higher adoption rates through customised workflows and employee-centric design.

Choose your starting point

Launch performance for the first time

You're introducing a new performance experience and you want to get it right first time.

Upgrade a spreadsheet performance system

Turn your spreadsheet and document-based performance system into an engaging digital experience.

Migrate from rigid performance software

Your current software is holding you back. It's time to implement a system that let's you run the processes you want.

Automate and personalise EX processes like...

Role Changes
Goal Setting
Development Plans
Career Paths
Coaching Plans

A more relevant and meaningful experience for employees

EX processes that add value to the individual and drive positive change for your organisation. We make your EX processes hyper-relevant for each employee using lots of customisable wizardry.

Multi-employee workflows

1, 2, 3 people involved in a process? All with different forms and logic to manage? We excel at this, and make it seem simple and easy for each person involved too!


Your employees are not all the same. Use rules to classify all the diverse groups and cohorts, then give them the processes that matter to them!

You'll be blown away

when you see how your employees work with Crewmojo

Flexibility to map complex relationships present in the modern organisation

Unique requirements are the norm at Crewmojo. The underlying data model that drives our EX processes is designed with total flexibility. So you can map and apply those special permissions and relationships no other systems can handle.

Full reporting line visibility

Your data is sensitive. We have a smart permissions engine that means people only get access to the data they need on-scale without managing complex permissions

Multi-brand orgs

Our platform can configure complex multi-brand sub structures and other fun things that make your company unique!

Centrally manage, automate & scale tailored EX processes

Had enough of managing employee processes in tools not-fit for scale? Say goodby to tedious repetitive tasks!

Trigger & automate new processes based position changes, starting or leaving dates, recurring schedules and loads more possibilities

Automatically kick off EX processes in a timeline of events and milestones

Centrally manage and report

Trusted by amazing places to work

Learn more about the unique employee experiences Crewmojo is helping to power-up

Integrates with your HRIS, payroll & core office systems

Teams, Slack, SSO, Calendar, CSV, API - we've got you covered

Great service from a team with mojo

Speak with people on the same day

We listen and work with customers to get stuff done.

Senior & capable team

We believe in the value of relationships and so you'll know us by name

Agile implementation model

We work with you to configure the platform to deliver your unique employee experience

Happy and successful employees- that's

We believe a successful company starts with happy and fulfilled employees. Our platform lets you cultivate a culture where your employees flourish.

Customers are saying...

Loved by leading organisations

Awesome team leadership & culture building software - truly game changing! The 1-on-1 meeting feature is a really unique attribute of this product, which makes holding regular personal catch ups with team members a breeze. The ability for both leaders and team members to tailor & populate the meeting agenda beforehand makes it personal, prepared and focused.

Robert Kempton

Senior Project Manager

Fantastic team engagement tool. Managing objectives is super easy in Crewmojo and the visibility for team members is fantastic. Using the one-on-one feature puts a focus on preparing for the one on one and improves the quality of the interaction.

Krisandra Knight

International Change Leader

The way in which it’s helping to keep managers and team members accountable for having 1:1 meetings and enabling conversations around roadblocks and challenges they might be having. That’s something we’re seeing as a really great result.

Christine Kennedy

People and Culture Manager

Removes subjectivity and encourages collaboration. Crewmojo encourages ongoing, spontaneous and real-time feedback. It’s user friendly and a great use of every day language.

Maree Morgan-Monk

Head of People and Culture
Peoplecare Health Insurance

Crewmojo rocks; its like cyberpunk 2077 for performance review management. It’s more about conversations and data enabling decisions by leaders, than box ticking, form filling, eye rolling annual performance management process.

Executive Sponsor

Accounting Firm

Total ease of use from start to finish. Crewmojo team were incredibly helpful in getting us underway.

‍This has gone such a long way in helping to improve our internal communications along with identifying potential issues at an early stage before they become a real problem.

Richard L

Financial Services


No doubt you still have lots of questions. Let's strike a few off. If you've got more questions, contact us!

What kind of support do you offer?

Our support team is based in Australia and will guide you every step along the way. You will know our names, be able to reach us and you will work with the same people consistently.

What kind of adoption rates and user feedback do you typically see?

Our platform is configured based on your unique ways of working and is fully branded so it feels like your own. We use this flexibility to achieve extraordinary user engagement and unmatched adoption levels.

What if I don't want to include feedback or one of the other elements you offer?

That's OK. Our customers work in all different ways. We will set up the system to reflect your approach.

Can I have a custom workflow to meet my businesses ways of working?

Yes, you can. Our platform is designed to be flexible enough to match your ways of working. We don't believe in imposing a process that doesn't feel natural to your team.

Can I see an example of how you adapt your platform to our processes?

Yes, if you send us your current performance documents, spreadsheets or preferred process we will create a custom demo that shows you how your process will look. Just click here to book a custom demo.

How quickly can you implement the system?

Once your process is clear, our average implementation period is four to six weeks. We pride ourselves on doing this in a thorough and professional way that makes it easy for your team to adopt the platform.

What are you waiting for?

Give your employees their mojo using EX processes tailored for your unique organisation!