Go from software features to guided activities

Orchestrate real conversations and meaningful interactions in the moment, when it matters

Individually guided

Personalize activities like 1-on-1s, feedback and reviews to exactly match your organization's processes.

Include tailored steps, instructions and helpful media at every stage of the activity, ensuring employees are setup for success with their high-impact interactions.

Jointly coordinated

Seamlessy coordinate employees around shared activities.

Configure the order of steps, who's involved, the logic to proceed, sign-off procedures and much more. Allow participants to see where each person is up to in the process and what's coming next.

Human-centred by design

Nudge employees to answer context questions before a career conversation to better prepare themselves and their manager. Provide a print option for meetings, enabling managers to disconnect from tech and concentrate on the discussion.

Admin made easy

Reduce the load on HR and enable employees to self-manage parts of the process.

For example, if a manager goes on holiday allow them to set a 'Stand-In Manager' while they're away.

Flexible activities to power your EX

Bring the power of personalization to any HR process. Build bespoke activities with custom forms, conditions, and filters. No code needed.


Create 1-on-1s that guide specific and helpful conversations. Avoid one-size-fits-all templates that quickly become a box-tick.

Choose from our 1-on-1 library or make your own completely bespoke agendas.

The finished product!
Select activities for the agenda
Set who can request this meeting
Configure meeting sections


'Doing' feedback is deeply cultural to your organization. Some like anonymous, others prefer transparent, some like open words, others prefer a framework. None is right or wrong.

Crewmojo's flexible feedback options ensure your approach is tightly connected with your culture, ensuring a natural and authentic feedback experience for your employees.

Anthony in Engineering challenges you to find an approach we don't support 😅


Avoid common bias', empower managers to make data-backed decisions and create a fair review experience for your employees.

Enjoy complete control over every aspect of your review, from question types and display, to template formats, business logic and workflow steps.

Easy to manage

Help managers to easily see, access and complete their team's reviews, directly from their dashboard.

Dynamic goals and skills

Specify dynamic data such as goals & skills to be inserted at the time of review from employee's data

Configure questions

Include expandable images or rich text, add an optional follow-on comment and numerous other options.


Use a bottom-up or top-down approach. Cascade all, some or none of your goals. Seamlessly integrate with a goal setting and goal coaching experience to bring everyone on the journey.

We match the way you work. Refreshing.


Integrate surveys with key experiences to automatically capture employee feedback right when it matters.

Get feedback after your onboarding journey, performance reviews or training sessions to continuously improve each experience.

Run standalone surveys or pulse questions using industry sourced templates or by creating your own.


Embed tailored communications right in the flow of work. Whether that's directly in the Crewmojo experience or through Slack, Teams, email and push notification.


Create skill lists and levels that can be integrated with experiences such as feedback, reviews, development planning and capability frameworks.

Apply to whole of company or personalize with audience filters.

Learn about the 3 steps to a personalized EX

A platform that feels like it's just for you

Give your employees their mojo using EX automation tailored to your unique organisation!