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Solving Employee Experience One Experience at a Time

If you're in a rut trying to improve employee experience, try solving it at a different level...

Matching HRTech with employee expectations

Why HR software can fall short, especially as companies and employee needs change in a fast-paced world and finding the answer in an agile mindset.

Putting Employee-Centric HR Processes Over One Size Fits All Software

In evolving Crewmojo, we learned that exceptional employee experience and performance stem from customised HR processes designed within each organisation, rather than from rigid, one-size-fits-all software solutions.

The Two-Faced Challenge of HR Software Selection

Choosing the right HR software is a unique challenge for HR leaders, as they must balance the rigid demands of compliance with the need for flexible, employee-friendly systems.

Why One Company Said No to Digital High-Fives: A Lesson in Employee-Centric Culture

In challenging conventional wisdom, one company opts for in-person recognition over digital 'high-fives,' underlining the importance of tailoring HR practices to fit unique organizational cultures.

When HR Tech Stifles Your Employee Experience

How the standardisation inherent in many HR Tech solutions can hinder companies from achieving a truly exceptional and tailored employee experience.

Designing Employee-Centric Performance Processes for Better Outcomes

Unlock the keys to effective performance management by balancing employee participation with organizational goals, while tailoring the process to fit your unique corporate culture.

Revolutionizing Performance Processes with Just-in-Time Help

Boosting employee adoption of performance processes by embedding real-time, relevant help content directly within the workflow.

AI-Generated Employee Feedback... Would You?

The use of AI in employee feedback may seem unauthentic, but experiments have shown promising results.

Crafting an Exceptional Performance Experience

Performance reviews are more than just a process, and the human element introduces many questions that need to be considered.

Creating Accountability Around Performance Activities

Organisations that are successful with performance activities either have them deeply ingrained in their culture or have set minimum standards and created accountability for them.

Customisation is Key to Achieving Exceptional Employee Experience and Performance

The shortcomings of productised performance solutions and how customisation is key for successful HR Tech implementations.

Data and Science Fall Short When It Comes to Employee Experience

In the world of employee experience, studies and data can inform high-level best practices, but they often fall short when it comes to the unique culture and ways of working within each organization.

Designing an Effective Performance Experience Through Employee-Centered Approaches

When buying performance management software, document your performance experience and don't let software vendors dictate the process.

Employee Experiences, Not Experience

Bringing a fresh mindset to make the abstract concept of employee experience more tangible and practical.

Ex Design - Hit the Ground Walking

Designing a great employee experience (EX) can be challenging for HR leaders without a background in Human Centred Design or Design Thinking. While engaging a consultant can lead to better results, not all businesses are willing to invest in this process - nothing wrong with excel and sticky notes to get you going.

How do we get people back in the office?

The debate about whether to work from home or in the office misses the point. It's not about WFO vs WFH.

Key Ideas for Successful HR Tech Implementation and Adoption

To ensure successful HR Tech implementation, focus on employee adoption. Top tips to drive this success criteria.

Performance Management Best Practices - Nice in Theory

Best practices are a useful tool for certain components of performance management, but they should not be used to define the entire performance experience.

Rethinking 30, 60, 90 Day Milestones for Connection, Belonging & Contribution

Traditional onboarding processes may not fully address the goals of a new employee's experience. Instead, we should focus on more human-centric milestones to create inclusive, high-performing workplaces.

Return to the office - what are you doing?

Creating a flexible work policy that balances individual needs with team needs is challenging, but necessary to retain employees in a tight talent market.

Unlocking the Benefits of an Integrated Performance System

The need for a comprehensive performance process that packages all components into a coherent experience to make it easier for employees to understand, what they need to do next, and why.

Who 'brands' their performance process?

Companies are increasingly using branding to make performance processes more positive, with many re-naming them to reflect their organisation's values.