When HR Tech Stifles Your Employee Experience

Mark Lewis
October 6, 2023

It’s my opinion that much of today’s HR Tech is holding companies back from achieving an exceptional employee experience.

Tech vendors are often incentivised to grow at all costs. This means creating a cookie-cutter approach to every part of the business and that includes the software being sold.

Each vendor has designed their process of best-practice, it's their way of doing things. From a customer perspective, this is good for compliance processes, but not so good for EX-related processes.

HR buyers have been conditioned to book demos with multiple vendors where they seek to understand each of the vendor's ‘ways of doing things’ and then marry up which vendor would be the best match for their way of doing things.

Inevitably there are areas of ill-fit and the buyer adopts a mindset that there's never going to be a perfect solution, or they self-doubt the process they developed with employees over years because the vendor was convincing their best practices are unmatched.

This is a good outcome from a vendor perspective as it fuels their growth and scale with every customer having the exact same cookie-cutter process. From a customer perspective, it means you get an average employee experience designed for the masses.

This approach might work well for companies in the early stages of their performance processes and they’re looking to be given a standardised experience to implement. Yes, it can be a good starting point. But for seasoned HR leaders who want an exceptional employee experience that is unique to their culture and ways of working; check out how Crewmojo can customise the platform to your organisation.

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