Revolutionizing Performance Processes with Just-in-Time Help

Mark Lewis
October 6, 2023

How we get employee buy-in for performance processes.

The challenge is these processes are cyclical and many of the activities are not something employees are doing on a daily basis. Think goal setting, development planning, reviews, etc. It's easy to forget what we need to do.

Now think about the typical approach to employee training for these processes, we usually see some initial training at the start and perhaps a guide that is published to the company wiki or SharePoint.

This approach can leave employees a little lost when it comes to the middle of the process and they're trying to remember the process (or where to go to find that guide).

Enter Crewmojo :) We've been seeing incredible success with embedded help content right in the flow of these processes.

I'm not talking about generic help docs or tool tips, I'm talking customer-specific content developed to provide meaningful, relevant and contextual help right at the moment it's needed.

It sounds so ridiculously obvious, but providing guidance and help in this manner takes the cognitive load away from the process and the adoption rates go through the roof.

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