Putting Employee-Centric HR Processes Over One Size Fits All Software

Mark Lewis
October 6, 2023

In 2016, we launched the first version of Crewmojo. It was a set way of doing performance based on the latest best practices, but every time we signed up a new customer, they wanted something slightly different.

Turns out there are big reasons why productised performance solutions don’t work:

  • HR best practices and current thinking change over time, and often quickly.
  • The focus of HR practices change unexpectedly to meet market conditions eg. retention for the great resignation - quick shift to performance in a tightening market.
  • Every company is different and has their own unique culture and ways of working, that works for them.
  • Introducing new or updated HR practices takes time for employees and managers to build the skills in those practices, and software needs to meet them where they are at.

Different Companies = Different Cultures

We chose to embrace the differences in our customers. From government departments with formula-based ratings to NFP’s with no ratings and everything in between, customisation is at the core of our platform.

We believe it is only possible to achieve an exceptional employee experience (and performance) when HR processes are designed from within the organisation and the software is chosen to support, enable and scale these processes. It’s a mistake to choose software first with an expectation that employees will comply with processes dictated by the vendor.

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