Building Your Career with a Deadline: Why We Should Stop Thinking of Jobs as Permanent

Mark Lewis
August 16, 2023

Taking Our Time: The Trap of the Permanent Job Mindset

I lived near London for my first 21 years and never visited the Tower of London once, or many other sights of the city. When I arrived in Sydney on a working holiday, I did all the sights in 2 weeks.

When you live somewhere, you often think you’ll get around to the attractions another day. Could this be like a permanent job? We think we’ll get around to building our careers later.

What if we put a deadline on it? Imagine we are only going to be at the organisation for 12 or 24 months (chances are this will be the reality) and stop thinking of permanent, as permanent.

Maximizing Opportunities: Projects, Experiences, and Alignment

What could we do to advance our career to the max in the next 12 months, what projects might we take on, what new experiences could we jump into and how might these align with the organisation’s objectives?

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