In this episode, we examine VicHealth's approach to employee performance. Padam Chirmuley walks us through VicHealth's role in the community and how they link employee performance to both strategic and community goals. It covers practical aspects like aligning pay with performance, integrating performance management into daily work, and using one-on-ones to merge health and wellbeing with performance.

The episode addresses how VicHealth maintains autonomy while aligning with government standards, challenges perceptions of government being dull, and details the integration of their Culture Charter with Victorian Government values. We also discuss the 'Appreciation Station', an employee-designed recognition initiative that was scaled across the organisation, and the involvement of employees crafting the performance process.


00:00 - The role VicHealth plays in the community
04:46 - Tangible ways of connecting performance with strategy
11:29 - Clear expectations for how remuneration fits with performance
12:33 - Performance in the flow of work and less surprises
13:35 - Using 1:1s to integrate health and wellbeing with performance
15:22 - Leveraging government while maintaining autonomy to design the performance experience
16:40 - Performance and government aren't dull!
18:47 - Integrating the VicHealth Culture Charter and how it aligns with Vic Government values
21:35 - Bringing Culture Charter Principles to life through a continuous recognition process
24:31 - The 'Appreciation Station': Designed by employees, scaled across the organisation
27:06 - Asking employees for input on the performance process - two key outcomes
28:07 - Top-level components of VicHealth's performance experience
30:21 - Using a 7-question pulse survey to understand the effectiveness of HR initiatives
34:00 - Starting lean and staying agile as an approach to the performance experience
37:03 - Using performance to raise the profile of People & Culture within the organisation
37:56 - Leveraging the platform beyond performance
40:15 - The importance of a partnership approach with a performance experience vendor

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