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As President of the Table Group, Pat spends his time speaking and writing about leadership, teamwork, and organizational health and consulting with executives and their teams. Prior to founding the firm in 1997, Pat worked at Bain & Company, Oracle Corporation and Sybase. Pat lives in the Bay Area with his wife and four boys.

In 1997, we started The Table Group with the goal of making work better, for ourselves, our clients and, perhaps, one day for organizations all over the world. At the time, we were working together at a software company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Back then, we developed and tested some concrete theories about why some organizations were effective and healthy, and others dysfunctional and unhealthy. As the culture in the company where we worked began to erode, we decided to launch our own consulting firm to help leaders improve their organizations, most of which were smallish companies in the Bay Area.

More than two decades later, we've now published eleven books that have sold more than six million copies and been translated into thirty languages. We've also developed a wide range of products and services related to making organizations healthier, teams more cohesive, and employees more engaged and fulfilled in their work. And we've trained more than fifty consultants to work with leaders in all types of amazing organizations around the world.

Today, our focus is on leading a movement to make organizational health a reality in companies and organizations everywhere. That's because we are utterly convinced that a healthy organization achieves greater results, builds a more loyal customer base, and develops fulfilled employees. Doesn't every leader want that?