360 Detailed - Downward Feedback

Downward feedback - motivate and engage your team - Part of a 360 set.

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About the Downward Feedback template

This survey is a very simple four question survey designed to understand the employees engagement, value to the organisation, strengths and growth opportunities. The survey seeks to get to the heart of the employees performance quickly. This survey will provide an effective map of managers view of employee engagement and their unique contribution to the team. It includes an organisation wide talent review question as well as individual employee feedback on strengths and growth opportunities.

How does this survey help HR managers and HR leaders?

This short performance survey can be used by HR teams in a number of situations. It is an ideal template to introduce people to the performance process. You might need a survey that will work well in an organisation that is balancing the demands on employees time with the need for feedback and performance improvement. Other uses could include a shorter performance survey when you are changing performance cycles, a performance cycle is at risk of being missed or as a mid year survey.

The survey experience

The survey includes four questions, two multiple choice and two open questions. It would take a manager approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, depending on the time they spend on answering the open questions.

Sample questions from this survey

  • If this person got a job offer elsewhere I would ....
  • How engaged is this person at work?

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