4Ls retrospective survey

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22 January 2021

4Ls retrospective survey

Get an insight into team experience with the simple 4L's retrospective. Great team insights and learnings.

About the 4L's retrospective template

The 4L's retrospective is an ideal survey to use when a team is going through a period of change. It seeks to get team insight on the things that most matter to them and create ongoing momentum by giving leaders the opportunity to tweak the employee experience.

How does this survey help HR managers and HR leaders?

The 4L's retrospective delves into the team experiences and what can really make an impact on the team experience. Best positioned as a learning tool for teams and a way to collaborate on a better experience.

When to use this survey

This can be used after a major project, at a team level or as a pulse survey. Many managers instigate the use of this tool within their own teams. It is particularly useful during early stages of new team formation.

The survey experience

This survey will take about 15 minutes to complete for each team member. It asks four open ended questions.

Sample questions from this survey

The template asks, What have you loved, longed for loathed and learned? It feeds into a very simple stop-start-continue-debrief model. Insights from this survey can empower teams to make changes to their environment while respecting the team's views.

Create your own Survey Template

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