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Gain insights & identify next steps to retain your key employees.

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About this 1-on-1 template

Gain insights and understanding on how to create a better organisation. Identify key areas of impact and provide the basis for strategies to improve retention, Designed to be a 1-on-1 discussion or a survey format.  Touch base with the employee to discuss whether they would be open to an exit interview and make a mutually agreed time.

Sample from this template

  • Overall how much did you enjoy working with us?
  • Why are you leaving your position ?
  • How do you feel about management and do you have any feedback for us?
  • Was there a time when you felt proud of your work?

How does this 1-on-1 template help HR managers and HR leaders?

Doing an exit interview can help you to improve the organisation by;

  1. Gathering feedback: An exit interview with an HR manager can provide valuable feedback on the reasons for the employee's departure, including the employee's level of job satisfaction, any issues with management or colleagues, and any suggestions for improvement.
  2. Identifying trends: By analysing feedback from multiple exit interviews, HR managers can identify patterns or trends in why employees are leaving the organisation. This information can be used to address issues and improve employee retention.
  3. Improving the organisation: Feedback from exit interviews can help HR managers identify areas where the organisation needs to improve, such as management practices, workplace culture, or benefits and compensation packages.
  4. Maintaining relationships: Conducting an exit interview with an HR manager can help ensure that departing employees feel heard and valued. This can help maintain positive relationships with former employees, which can assist in recruiting the employee as a 'boomerang' staff member in future.
  5. Identifying potential legal issues: Exit interviews can help identify potential legal issues, such as discrimination or harassment, that may have led to an employee's departure. By addressing these issues, HR managers can reduce the risk of legal action being taken against the organisation.
  6. Enhancing employer brand: By conducting thorough exit interviews and taking action on feedback, HR managers can enhance the employer brand and reputation of the organisation. This can lead to increased interest from potential employees and improved retention rates.
  7. Enhancing employee engagement: By taking the feedback provided in exit interviews seriously, HR managers can demonstrate that the organisation values employee opinions and is committed to continuous improvement. This can improve overall employee engagement, morale and productivity.

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