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The ideal weekly sales conversation template.

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About this sales 1-on-1 template

Weekly catch up for Sales teams - use this template to keep on top of any sales team opportunities that need your support to close. Keep across potential gaps in your forecast. Support and motivate your sales team.

How does this 1-on-1 template help managers?

Having a specific one-on-one template for sales teams can provide several benefits, including:

  1. Consistency: By having a template that covers all the essential elements of the sales process, you can ensure that your sales team receives a consistent experience. This can help them feel more prepared and confident in their meetings, knowing they are following a tried-and-true format.
  2. Accountability: A one-on-one template can help sales managers hold their team members accountable for their progress and performance. The template can serve as a structured way to review revenue goals, discuss customer and internal challenges, and set action items for improvement.
  3. Focus: The template can help keep the conversation focused on the most important revenue drivers and ensure that both the sales manager and team member stay on track. This can prevent the meeting from turning into a general catch-up session or getting sidetracked by irrelevant issues.
  4. Efficiency: With a one-on-one template, both the sales manager and team member can come prepared with the necessary information and topics to discuss, making the meeting more efficient and productive. This can save time for both parties and enable them to move on to other important tasks.

Overall, a one-on-one template can help create a structured and effective way for sales managers to communicate with their team members and drive performance improvements.

When to use this 1-on-1 template

This can be used as a regular sales discussion template. It can either be updated in advance with key risks and opportunities being discussed in the meeting or it can be discussed in the meeting only.

Sample from this template

Focus on your top 3 - 5 opportunities and complete the below questions prior to your 1-on-1.

  • What is your current gap to target? Are you comfortable your pipeline will cover this?
  • What would have the most impact on closing the gap?
  • Are there any customers that we can help you with?

Create your own 1-on-1 sales templates  

Customising your own 1-on-1 template is easy, with Crewmojo's simple template builder. Our platform includes a templates library and question library to allow you to quickly build and shape the 1-on-1 templates and performance management tools you need. This one-on-one template is one of many that come with the Crewmojo platform already built in to get you up and running in no time. Too Easy.

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