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Crewmojo's self review template - Part of a 360 set.

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About the self-review template

A self-review is a valuable component of the performance process as it allows individuals to reflect on their own performance, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and set goals for improvement. It provides an opportunity for individuals to take ownership of their development and career growth.

This self-review can help individuals prepare for performance conversations with their managers. By taking the time to reflect on their own performance, individuals can better articulate their accomplishments, areas of improvement, and career aspirations. This can lead to more productive conversations with managers, as they can use this information to provide targeted feedback and support.

In addition, this self-review template can help managers gain a better understanding of their team members' perspectives and priorities. This can be particularly valuable in promoting open communication and building trust within the team. In short, a self-review is a valuable tool for both individuals and managers in the performance process, as it provides an opportunity for reflection, goal-setting, and communication.

This template offers a simple easy-to-use self-review format that is relevant for a wide range of roles. This simple easy-to-use template focuses on prioritising and evaluating the most important elements of your performance.

How does this review help HR managers and HR leaders?

Our self-review template can provide several benefits to HR teams. By encouraging individuals to reflect on their own performance and set goals for improvement, HR teams can gain valuable insights into the development needs and career aspirations of their employees. This information can be used to inform talent management strategies, such as identifying high-potential employees and designing development programs to support their growth.

This self-review also help HR teams to better understand the engagement and satisfaction levels of employees. By asking individuals to reflect on their own performance, HR teams can gain insights into how employees feel about their work, their level of engagement, and their sense of connection to the organisation. This information can be used to identify areas where the organisation can improve employee engagement and retention.

In addition, self-reviews can help HR teams to identify trends and patterns across the organisation. By collecting and analysing data from self-reviews, HR teams can gain insights into common strengths and weaknesses across teams and departments, as well as identify areas where additional training or support may be needed. Overall, self-reviews can provide HR teams with valuable insights into the development needs, engagement levels, and overall performance of employees, which can inform talent management strategies and improve organisational effectiveness.

Setting up a self-review process can be difficult. It's hard to get the right questions that focus on the person's performance and prevent the review becoming a list of the person's tasks. This self-review template provides an easy starting point that your team will be able to use on day one. The Crewmojo platform allows you to update your templates over time so you can change the survey as you get team feedback.

The review experience

This review is often used as a part of the biannual or annual performance process. It could also be used in talent development processes or as the early part of a performance improvement plan. In all cases, the value of the survey is in helping the respondent to zero in on ways that they have created impact on the organisations goals. This survey includes four open questions. The format of the survey encourages the respondent to prioritise their answers and focus on on the impact they have created.

Sample questions from this review

  • What have been your major strengths and accomplishments?
  • Provide an example of a company value you bring to life. - Be specific!

Create your own Review Template

Customising your own team performance review is easy, with Crewmojo's simple template builder. Our platform includes a library of performance templates and pre-built experiences to allow you to quickly build and shape the survey's and pulse tools you need. This survey is one of many that comes in the Crewmojo platform ready to get you up and running in no time. Too easy.

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