Remote Worker Role Description

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22 January 2021

Remote Worker Role Description

Great role descriptions create clarity and provide your team members guidance on what success looks like. This is especially important in remote working environments were team members are working independently.

The Wildbit descriptions create clarity by highlighting good and bad behaviours. This role description can be added to other role descriptions to highlight the skills needed to successfully work remotely. Here is a sample of the role description and the way it is structured.

A good remote worker communicates extremely well in writing. Since most communication happens in writing, there is no more significant investment a remote worker can make than becoming a better writer. Communicating your thoughts in a clear and concise manner is the best gift you can give your teammates. A bad remote worker is careless with their words. They don’t think about how what they write or say might be interpreted by others. As such, they often find themselves in misunderstandings that have to be cleared up through additional, unnecessary communication.

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