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Wildbit remote work role descriptions highlight good and bad behaviours.

Here is a sample of the remote worker role description and the way it is structured.

A good remote worker communicates extremely well in writing. Since most communication happens in writing, there is no more significant investment a remote worker can make than becoming a better writer. Communicating your thoughts in a clear and concise manner is the best gift you can give your teammates.

A bad remote worker is careless with their words. They don’t think about how what they write or say might be interpreted by others. As such, they often find themselves in misunderstandings that have to be cleared up through additional, unnecessary communication.

This is particularly helpful as remote working is only a relatively new phenomenon. This role description can be added to other role descriptions to highlight the skills needed to successfully work remotely. We believe this style of role description is helpful in creating a high performance organisation. In particular it;

  1. Clarifies Expectations: By including good and bad behaviours in a role description, employers can clarify their expectations for employees. This can help ensure that employees understand what is expected of them and can work towards meeting those expectations.
  2. Encourages Positive Behaviors: By highlighting positive behaviours, this role description can encourage employees to exhibit those behaviours. This can lead to a more positive and productive work environment, where employees are more likely to work collaboratively and meet their goals.
  3. Discourages Negative Behaviors: By highlighting negative behaviours, this style of role description can discourage employees from exhibiting those behaviours. This can help reduce conflict and improve the overall work environment.
  4. Helps with Performance Evaluations: The Wildbit role description is a useful tool for evaluating employee performance. Employers can use the behaviours outlined in the role description as a benchmark for evaluating employee performance.
  5. Attracts the Right Candidates: Candidates who exhibit the desired behaviours are more likely to be interested in the role, while those who exhibit undesirable behaviours may be less likely to apply.

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