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About the Performance Management Policy template

Is your performance policy document of little relevance to most employees, with limited uses? Do you only dig your performance policy out of storage when someone needs disciplining? Make the change to a relevant, proactive, and accessible performance policy that will provide value to your team members. This sample performance policy makes it easy for you to create or re-write your policy in minutes. You are about to save a lot of time! How fabulous.

How does this policy help HR managers and HR leaders?

A modern performance management policy will help create clarity for your team. This policy makes clear how performance in your organisation works. It is a simple yet effective tool for nurturing everyone’s understanding of organisational goals and how their day-to-day tasks contribute to them. Connecting the dots between these goals and outlining your performance framework helps your team understand how they will be supported in their efforts to lift their performance and continually improve in their role. The policy will also help your HR business partners to support managers to create fair and consistent performance practices more easily.

When to use this policy

While this policy can be kept on your intranet, it is a valuable tool to review during the employees first thirty days. This could be accomplished through a meeting with the team leader or via an introductory video from either the CEO or your HR leader. It can also be used in the early phases of a performance improvement plan. It's helpful to ensure that people at risk of poor performance, understand how the performance process works. This discussion can give them an opportunity to highlight any opportunities to improve the practices in their team. This early check point can remove misunderstandings at the right point in the process.

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