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Peer review: A simple and easy to manage feedback model - Part of a 360 set.

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About the template

This peer review feedback template is designed to create a balanced, motivating and engaging experience to anyone receiving peer feedback. The balance provided on the stop, start continue model makes it ideally suited for peer feedback.

What is the stop-start-continue feedback model?

The Stop-Start-Continue model is a useful tool for individuals and teams to reflect on their performance and identify areas of improvement. The model involves reflecting on what activities or behaviors should be stopped, started, and continued in order to achieve better outcomes. It is well suited to downward and peer feedback as it provides an easy to follow model. It also makes it very easy for the person receiving feedback to respond.

Some of the benefits of using the Stop-Start-Continue model include:

  1. Clarity and focus: By identifying specific actions to stop, start, and continue, individuals and teams can gain greater clarity and focus on what is most important for achieving their goals.
  2. Improved performance: By stopping ineffective or inefficient behaviors, starting new behaviors that are more effective, and continuing successful behaviors, individuals and teams can improve their overall performance.
  3. Greater collaboration and communication: The Stop-Start-Continue model encourages open and honest communication between team members, which can lead to greater collaboration and teamwork.
  4. Accountability: The model helps individuals and teams take ownership of their performance and hold themselves accountable for making the necessary changes to improve.
  5. Continuous improvement: By regularly using the Stop-Start-Continue model, individuals and teams can continuously improve their performance and adapt to changing circumstances.

How does this review help HR managers and HR leaders?

The review creates a simple way to introduce peer feedback to your organisation. This peer review template could be used annually, bi-annually or as a development tool for top talent. The review should take about ten minutes to complete. It consists of three simple open questions. This model can be easily understood by team members without a significant briefing. Introduce this survey with a simple video or note from your HR leader to support it.

Tools that could support the introduction of this peer feedback review

HR teams can further bolster the quality of the peer feedback by circulating these prompts as examples. Teams often struggle with the right wording when they are giving feedback, especially with their peers. You can support quality feedback by sharing some tips on how to answer the questions as we have shown below.

Areas to consider

When answering this survey you can think about some of the following areas to help your colleague.

1.  Stop

  • Doing things that are not important
  • Wasting time
  • Procrastinating

2.  Start

  • Doing things that are important
  • Being more productive
  • Making a plan

3.  Continue

  • Doing things that are working well
  • Being organised
  • Staying focused

Peer Feedback Examples

  1. Stop: "I noticed that when we're in meetings, you can sometimes interrupt people when they're speaking. It can be distracting and interrupt the flow of the conversation. Maybe you could try to pause and jot your thoughts down before contributing your thoughts."
  2. Start: "I think it would be helpful if we started having more regular check-ins on our progress towards our goals. It would help us stay on track and ensure that we're all working towards the same objectives."
  3. Continue: "I really appreciate the way you always take the time to explain things in detail. It helps me understand the work better and feel more confident in what I'm doing. Please keep doing this."
  4. Stop: "I've noticed that sometimes you're not as responsive to emails as you could be. We value your input and are sometimes waiting on your input to move forward with a project. It would be helpful if you can make an effort to respond to emails in a more timely manner?"
  5. Start: "I think it would be helpful if we started sharing more knowledge and resources with each other. We each have unique skills and expertise that could benefit the team as a whole."
  6. Continue: "You always come to meetings prepared and ready to contribute. It really shows that you value our time and respect everyone's efforts.

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