Leadership Health Check by Wildbit

Upward leadership health check: Leadership Health Check.

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Why include an upward review in your process?

Incorporating an upward performance review in the leadership review process can bring several benefits to your workplace. By giving employees the chance to provide feedback on their leader's skills and performance, we can foster better communication and collaboration within the workplace. This helps to identify areas of strength and weakness in leadership, and ensures that leaders are equipped with the tools and support they need to succeed.

An upward performance review can also increase employee engagement and retention rates. When employees feel that their opinions are valued and taken into account, they become more motivated to work and remain committed to their job. Overall, incorporating an upward performance review in the leadership review process can improve workplace culture, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

About the Leadership Health Check by Wildbit

This performance review template is designed to work in tandem with the Wildbit leadership role description. By linking the review to the job description it helps provide leaders with clarity on their performance. The strength of this review is that it describes specific behaviours so that leaders have a clear understanding of what they are being reviewed on. This makes the review extremely actionable for the leaders being reviewed.

When to use this review template

These questions can be used as a company wide pulse on a quarterly basis, or for teams and managers looking for specific feedback to support their development. Other approaches could include using this template as a standard part of your review process, or as the upward component of a 360 review. If you would like the feedback to be be anonymous you would need to review team sizes and implement processes to support small teams.

The template experience

This template can be used as a survey or in an upward review and will take about five minutes to complete. It is based on agree/disagree style scale and includes detailed behavioural descriptions for each question.

Sample questions from this review

  • My manager inspires positive outcomes
  • My manager is a strong coach
  • My manager cultivates safety

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