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Make employee recognition a simple regular manageable task with this survey.

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Employee recognition is so important but often very hard to manage. Take the pain out of the process with this ultra-simple employee recognition survey. You'll also be making recognition more meaningful by linking behaviour to your organisational values. All in three questions!! Download this simple employee recognition survey. Simple, easy, transparent. Just the way we like it!

How does this survey help HR managers and HR leaders?

A consistent employee recognition survey can provide several benefits to HR, including:

  • Better tracking and measurement: An employee recognition survey allows HR to track and measure the effectiveness of the program, making it easier to identify which recognition initiatives are most successful and make improvements over time.
  • More efficient and streamlined recognition: An employee recognition survey can make recognition more efficient and streamlined, reducing the administrative burden on HR and support team members.
  • Better transparency and fairness: An employee recognition survey can help ensure that recognition is transparent and fair by providing clear criteria and processes for recognition, and ensuring that all employees have an equal opportunity to be recognised for their contributions.
  • Increased trust in the company and it's processes: A professional employee recognition survey can help build trust between employees and the organisation by showing that the organisation  is committed to recognising their efforts. This can lead to increased loyalty and commitment from employees.

Overall, an employee recognition survey can benefit HR by promoting transparency and fairness in recognition. This leads to improved employee engagement and retention by creating a culture of appreciation and motivating employees to stay with the organisation.

The survey experience

The survey can be used monthly or weekly depending on your team's approach to recognition. It will take two minutes to answer this ultra quick survey.

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Customising your own team performance survey is easy, with Crewmojo's simple template builder. Our platform includes a library of questions and templates to allow you to quickly build and shape the survey's and pulse tools you need. This survey is one of many that comes in the Crewmojo platform ready to get you up and running in no time. Too easy.  

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