Employee Experience Survey ex Genome

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22 January 2021

Employee Experience Survey ex Genome

Use this template to get a better insight into your teams employee experience.

About the employee experience survey template

This employee experience survey covers the key components of:

  • Engagement
  • Culture and Environment
  • Fairness and Inclusion
  • Wellbeing

How does this survey help HR managers and HR leaders?

This survey gives insight into the key measures that define employee experience. Drill down into the areas and potential strategies that will lift the employee experience and understand differences across your teams and departments.

When to use this survey

This survey can be conducted as a pulse survey or as an ongoing survey to understand the impact on your efforts to improve employee experience.

The survey experience

The survey is a series of questions on an agree/disagree scale. It would take about 7 minutes to complete.

Sample questions from this survey

  • Time passes quickly when I am working
  • I stay energetic even when things are difficult at work
  • I understand how my work contributes to the success of our organisation
  • I feel responsible for my own performance

Create your own Survey Template

Customising your own survey template is easy, with Crewmojo's simple template builder. Our platform includes a templates library and question library to allow you to quickly build and shape the survey's and pulse tools you need. This survey is one of many that come with the Crewmojo platform already built in to get you up and running in now time. Too Easy.

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