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About the coaching effectiveness survey template

Have you ever wished you could understand whether your leaders are actually coaching their team effectively? Use this one-question survey to answer your question once and for all. This single question can do more to move the dial on coaching effectiveness than many other surveys.

One question? Really ? We know that a coaching culture is made up a lot of different activities. What about the key elements of a coaching culture, like:

  1. Leadership support: A coaching culture requires leadership buy-in and support. Leaders need to model coaching behaviours and prioritise coaching as a key competency.
  2. Coaching skills development: A coaching culture requires investing in the development of coaching skills for all employees, not just managers or leaders. This can include training, mentorship, and ongoing support.
  3. Focus on growth and development: A coaching culture is built around the idea of continuous learning and growth. Employees should be encouraged to set goals and take ownership of their development.
  4. Feedback and recognition: Feedback and recognition are essential components of a coaching culture. Employees should receive regular feedback on their performance and progress, and recognition should be given for achievements and growth.
  5. Collaboration and teamwork: A coaching culture emphasises collaboration and teamwork. Employees are encouraged to work together to solve problems, share knowledge, and support each other's development.
  6. Continuous improvement: A coaching culture is focused on continuous improvement. The organisation should be committed to evaluating and improving its coaching programs and processes over time.

We completely agree but sometimes we can survey on all of these things and avoid the single question that tells us that our efforts are working. Once you have the health score in place you can delve into the other activities when and where you need to.

How does this survey help HR managers and HR leaders?

A one-question survey on coaching culture can help a HR team in several ways. Firstly, it provides a quick and easy way to assess the state of coaching within the organization. By asking a single question, the survey can quickly gauge the level of coaching support and development available to employees.

Secondly, the survey gives employees an opportunity to provide feedback on coaching initiatives within their organization. By asking a single question, the survey can quickly and easily capture employees' perceptions of coaching support and development, giving them a voice in the process of improving coaching culture. By being asked to provide feedback on coaching initiatives, employees are also given a sense of ownership over their own learning and development. This can help to foster a more positive and proactive attitude towards personal and professional growth.

Thirdly, the survey can help HR to measure the effectiveness of coaching initiatives over time. By conducting regular surveys, HR can track changes in coaching culture and determine whether coaching programs are having a positive impact on employee engagement, job satisfaction, and productivity. It gives a valuable single measure to share with senior managers and at board level.

The survey experience

This survey can be used a as a pulse survey or as a quarterly check-in with your teams. One minute or less to answer this simple question. Download to see this simple question.

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