Wellbeing Check-In

Check-in on the wellbeing of a team member & offer the right support.

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About this 1-on-1 template

Hold a simple and supportive discussion to connect with your team member. Understand their well-being and support needs and connect them with any additional support they need. This can be used on a semi-regular basis or to check-in with employees you think need support.

How does this  1-on-1 template help managers and HR leaders?

Wellbeing can be a challenging issue for many managers to address.

Managers may fear;

  • Overstepping Boundaries: Managers may worry about overstepping boundaries by getting too personal or asking questions that employees may not feel comfortable answering. They may be concerned about violating employees' privacy or confidentiality.
  • Being Unable to Help: Managers may worry that they will be unable to provide the necessary support to employees who may be struggling with wellbeing issues. They may feel that they do not have the expertise or resources to address complex issues such as mental health.
  • Not knowing what to say: Managers may not know how to start the conversation and they may not know the right words to say when asking their team members how their wellbeing is going.

Providing a one-one check in template on wellbeing can help your managers and HR team members by;

  • Demonstrating Care and Support: By using a template to guide the conversation, managers can demonstrate their care and support for their employees' wellbeing, rather than avoiding the conversation. This can help build trust and strengthen the relationship between the manager and the employee.
  • Helping Managers Prepare: A template can help managers prepare for the conversation by outlining key questions, topics, and areas to explore. This can help managers feel more confident and prepared to have the conversation and ensure that they are asking the right questions in the right way.
  • Offering a Structured Framework: A one-on-one template can provide a structured framework for the conversation, which can help managers stay on track and ensure that they cover all the necessary topics.
  • Encouraging Open Communication: A template can help encourage open communication between the manager and the employee. By providing a clear structure for the conversation and asking open-ended questions, the template can help create a safe and supportive environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their concerns and challenges.
  • Providing the right resources: A template can provide a list of relevant resources including ERP contacts which can be useful for both the manager and the employee. This can help ensure that team members receive the right support. The template can also provide the person leading the conversation with contacts if they think they need further support.

Overall, having a one-on-one template as a guide can be a valuable tool for managers or HR team members in conducting wellbeing conversations with their employees.

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