Onboarding: 6 Month Check-In

6 month milestone - reconnect with your team member.

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What is the goal of this discussion?

The goal of the meeting is to review the employee's progress, provide feedback on their performance, and set new goals for the next phase of their development. By engaging in open dialogue and encouraging feedback, managers can foster a supportive and productive relationship with their employees.

A few tips to help you prepare

  1. Celebrate achievements: Start the meeting by acknowledging your employee's accomplishments over the past six months. Highlight their successes and share your appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the company.
  2. Review progress on goals: Use the check-in as an opportunity to review progress on the goals you set at the 90-day mark. Discuss any challenges that arose and how they were overcome, and set new goals for the next six months.
  3. Career discussion: Take the time to discuss your employee's career aspirations and how they fit within the company. Talk about opportunities for growth and development, and encourage them to share their thoughts on how they can achieve their goals.
  4. Get feedback on the organisation: Ask your employee for their observations on the organisation so far. What do they like and what could be improved? Use their feedback to make positive changes that will benefit the entire team.
  5. Discuss performance and feedback: Provide specific feedback on your employee's performance, highlighting areas where they've excelled and areas where they can improve. Encourage open communication and ask for their feedback on how you can better support them.
  6. Offer support: End the meeting by offering your support to help your employee achieve their goals. This could include offering training opportunities, providing mentorship, or connecting them with colleagues who can help them succeed.

By using these guidelines, you can create a positive and engaging check-in experience that shows your employee you care about their growth and development. This will help to foster a strong and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your employees.

Sample from this template

  • Describe your best week so far..
  • Describe your worst week so far..
  • Has the role been the same or different to what you expected?

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