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22 January 2021

Manager Feedback

Grow as a manager through feedback

About this 1-on-1 template

Help your managers gain direct insight into how they can improve. Create opportunities for growth within your management style. Understand your strengths and weaknesses

How does this 1-on-1 template help HR managers and HR leaders?

This template helps HR leaders and business partners create a culture of feedback. By supporting managers to ask for and action direct feedback you will be improving the organisational effectiveness of your business.

When to use this 1-on-1 template

Managers who use this template on a regular quarterly basis will build trust and over time garner more specific feedback about how they can support their team.

Sample from this template

  • How can I better support you in your job?
  • Do you find my communication clear and easy to understand, or is there something I can do to improve?
  • Do I clearly communicate our company’s vision and mission to you?

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