Goals Check-In: 1-on-1 template

Help your team member achieve their goals and keep team momentum.

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About this 1-on-1 template

Checking on on progress towards goals can identify opportunities to keep your team progressing. Use this simple and easy-to-use template to keep connected with your team. supporting and motivating them to keep making progress. This template can be used monthly or quarterly.

Sample from this template

  • I have clarity over what I need to do for each goal
  • My goals feel realistic and a bit of a stretch

How does this 1-on-1 template help HR managers and HR leaders?

Consistently checking in on team progress towards their goals can have a significant impact on organisational performance. By fostering processes that provide performance momentum you can clearly demonstrate why HR deserves a seat at the decision making table. Here are a few ways that regular goal check-ins support improved performance:

  1. Improved Accountability: When team members know that their progress will be regularly reviewed, they are more likely to feel accountable for their work and be motivated to achieve their goals. This can lead to higher levels of performance and productivity across the team.
  2. Greater Alignment: Regular goal check-ins help to ensure that individual goals are aligned with the wider goals of the organisation. When everyone is working towards a shared vision, the team is more likely to be focused and efficient in achieving their objectives.
  3. Improved Communication: Consistent check-ins provide a forum for open and honest communication between team members and managers. This can help to build stronger relationships, foster trust, and enable the team to work together more effectively.
  4. Improved Performance: Regular goal check-ins provide an opportunity for managers to provide feedback, coaching, and support to team members. This can help to improve performance, build confidence, and enable team members to reach their full potential.

This approach can also help to impact on your leadership teams performance. Implementing a process for consistently checking in on team progress towards their goals can also have a positive impact on the leadership team's performance. Here are a few ways that regular goal check-ins can contribute to improved leadership performance:

  1. Increased Visibility: They provide the leadership team with greater visibility into the progress of their team members. This enables them to identify any issues or obstacles that may have broader implications for the business more quickly than they otherwise might.
  2. Better Decision Making: When progress is regularly reviewed, the leadership team has access to more data and information about their team's performance. This can help them make better-informed decisions about how to allocate resources, manage workloads, and support team members in achieving their goals.
  3. Greater Focus: Leaders have the insight they need to ensure that support team avoid wasted effort and resources and ensure that everyone is working towards the most important objectives.
  4. Improved Goal Setting: The leadership team can more easily assess the effectiveness of their goal-setting process. By reviewing progress and outcomes, the leadership team can identify any areas for improvement and refine their approach to goal setting to better align with organisational priorities.
  5. Increased Engagement: Both leaders and team members are more likely to be engaged and motivated in their work. This can lead to higher levels of performance and productivity across the team, which in turn reflects positively on the leadership team.

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