Start managing remotely

Everything you need to manage a highly effective remote working team

Establish the management structures of high performing remote teams

Working from home isn't just about video conferencing and remote access, it's a fundamentally different relationship with work.

Amazing places to work use Crewmojo

Share information with your team

Set a weekly team meeting

Schedule a time and watch Crewmojo automate the admin. Each team member is notified, a meeting added to their calendar and a shared agenda created. Prior to the meeting - add talking points, attachments, and receive summarised updates so everyone is completely prepared.

During the meeting - capture notes and allocate action items, centralise the storage of decisions and automatically email minutes on closure.

After the meeting - use the feedback feature to find out if your format could be improved.

Easily handle multiple meeting types with automated threading of attendance, agendas and minutes across each of your meetings.

Ensure each employee feels connected and supported

Schedule your 1-on-1's

Each 1-on-1 is a forward looking conversation, making sure your report has complete clarity on the top 3 outcomes they will be working towards over the coming week.

Unearth any issues with the remote working environment, identify roadblocks that might be hindering progress and check-in on their mental well-being.

The Crewmojo 1-on-1 feature equips managers with questions and activities that ensure a quality, future-focused, coaching style conversation.

Show team members how to communicate their progress

Get a 5 min update from each employee

Progress updates are quick reflection on the week that’s just been. Give team members an opportunity to share their achievements, communicate any unexpected work and to start considering the outcomes they’d like to work towards next week. Set custom questions that you’d like your whole team or specific individuals to answer as part of their progress update.

Recognise and praise achievements more frequently

Increase feedback loops

Being out of the office doesn’t have to mean a missed opportunity for praise and recognition. In fact it’s more important than ever to ensure team members feel their work is having an impact and making a contribution.

Use the feedback tool to quickly and easily share or request feedback in any direction across the team.

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