We believe

Mojo happens when happy and fulfilled people do great work.
That’s good for the organisation and it’s good for the world.
It’s our definition of great performance management.


What does it mean to perform at work?

When you’re happy and fulfilled you know how your work contributes to the success of the team. You get a sense of direction from setting clear goals.

Throughout the year, you get coaching to achieve your goals in regular 1-on-1s. You get feedback from the people around you and recognition for your work.

At the end of the period, you have a fair and transparent review that fully acknowledges your work and achievements. It also provides you with opportunities to take the next step to improve your skills and experience.

This process creates meaning and happiness at work. It’s the foundation for great performance. When everyone is doing this, your crew has mojo. Helping you find your mojo inspires us every day.

About Crewmojo

Why is it so incredibly hard?

Somehow performance has become a negative word at work. It should be the exact opposite.

There is no doubt that mojo exists in parts of your organisation. You have leaders who are exceptional at creating this environment. You do have happy people that are performing. Yet when you get into the details, it’s not happening everywhere.

Why? Some people work from home. Some people are on machinery or in a store, some are in the office. Some people sell products and some people make products. Everyone works differently.

People need flexible performance systems that suits work, their way.


Why do performance systems fail?

Normally, when you introduce a software system to manage performance, most systems don't like all these pesky, human differences. They want everyone from all companies to work the same way.

Not only does your team work differently from other companies, but your teams are also working differently from each other. These inflexible systems often try to dictate a way of working that doesn’t make sense to your teams.

So your people struggle to adapt. Maybe they just don’t use your system at all. Or they let you know that your performance system sucks. You’ve lost your mojo.


How we help you find your mojo.

Our platform is flexible, simple and intuitive.

We can say that because we deleted our entire code base at one point and started again. From scratch. At the time it was a challenge. But it was one of those times when your biggest challenge becomes the source of your strength.

That means we work flexibly to meet the needs of your different teams. Your version of Crewmojo will feel like we built it just for you. Your teams can perform at their best. Everywhere.

It’s performance, your way.

Meet the people behind Crewmojo

Our leadership team

Mark Lewis, CEO, Crewmojo
Mark Lewis

Mark is our number one customer guy. A fan of performance done right, camping and dancing, preferably in a great costume. Not kidding.

Anthony Fulton, Technology, Crewmojo
Anthony Fulton

Anthony has an ability to cut through complex issues and get stuff done. We rate him 5 stars for saying yes to solving customer challenges.

Joel Duckworth, Crewmojo
Joel Duckworth

Joel brings a wikipedia-like knowledge of technology and #awesome people skills. You might even meet Joel in your implementation journey.

Kasia Fulton, Chief Customer Officer, Crewmojo
Kasia Fulton
Chief Customer Officer

Kasia partners with you to bring your version of our platform to life. Her mission is to help you transform your performance.

Kylie Sinclair, Marketing Lead, Crewmojo
Kylie Sinclair
Marketing Lead

Kylie loves surfing, yoga and meeting new customers. Kylie loves solving customer problems & communicating the team's work.

Breckon Jones, Board Advisor, Crewmojo
Breckon Jones
Board Advisor

Global Full-stack HR leader, ex Deloitte. Breckon is an Employee Experience advocate and board advisor to Crewmojo.

Our values


All efforts into achieving objectives, no time for creating a facade & pretending to be something we’re not.

Love customers

Our customer's success with Crewmojo is absolutely everything to us. We focus our time on this.

Get uncomfortable

Always learning, trying something new, making mistakes, getting out of our comfort zone.

Bottom up

The team work out the way forward and our leadership clear the obstacles from our path.


The way we roll

When you work with crewmojo we offer more than a platform, we build a partnership. We give you the support you need to get your team’s performance on track.

When we work together we;

are accessible,
are flexible
and we do what we say we will.  

When challenges arise, we will be transparent and offer creative options that keep you on track.

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About Crewmojo