Develop a Feedback Culture

Everything you need to encourage and nurture a culture of feedback

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Make feedback safe

A feedback culture can't be forced. But you can orchestrate an environment to see it flourish.

Future focused

Foster a growth mindset

Crewmojo keeps the process forward looking to foster a growth outlook.

When an anchor question gets a low response, instead of focusing on what went wrong, questions are positioned around future improvements.

De-risk the process

Make feedback friendly

Feedback doesn’t have to be confronting, disguise feedback requests in positive questions.When you’re asked who you enjoyed working with last week, there’s no association with the ‘F’ word.


You're in great company!

Keep feedback in context

Offer multiple channels

There are multiple types of feedback, offer your team communication channels to match. A quick one-liner of praise is great in a push notification, but a development conversation needs a face to face.

Create custom conversation templates to drive the right conversations in your team.

What gets measured gets done

Set a feedback cadence

Set a target feedback cadence for employees to contribute feedback into the team.

Employees see their real-time health and get gentle nudges to stay on track.

Real-time feedback insights

HR view of feedback health

Get a real-time view of feedback health across the entire company level, then drill down to teams and individuals.

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