Transition to a modern digital performance management system

Crewmojo is the performance management system that will help your team get their mojo by aligning them with simple, clear and consistent ways of working.

Set your business on the path to better performance.

Performance Management System for businesses 50+
Goal Setting

Set clear expectations

Show how each person's work fits in the big picture. Make it employee-owned by encouraging team members to contribute to the goal-setting process. Achieve company-wide clarity around behaviours, personal development, career progress and work outcomes.

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Regular coaching

Curate your performance check-ins and ensure the right conversations are happening at the right time across your entire workforce. Capture a centralised, easily reportable and exportable record of all development conversations. Create an audit trail in minutes.

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Simple clear performance dashboard.

Help your team focus on what they need to get done. Their dashboard shows their weekly tasks, their goals, their feedback and your organisation's goals. Link to other systems they need. Make it your own with your look and feel.

Real-time feedback

Rewarding Feedback

Link feedback into the workflow to help team members share feedback with each other. Help team members stay on track and know when they’re doing great work. Whether it’s recognition for a job well done or a suggested improvement, feedback helps your team feel recognised, valued & stay longer.

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Performance Reviews

Consistent Reviews

View and print individual performance data at any time allowing employees to know exactly how they’re tracking in the moment. See accurate benchmarks and metrics for goals achieved, values badged, coaching notes, and more - all collated from everyday interactions.

See the platform in action

See the
platform in action

Book a time to see the platform in action. We'll help you connect the dots to get a clear high-level view of how a modern digital performance experience can work in your business.


Backbone of our people management

"I love Crewmojo and use it as the backbone of our people management. I love the way the product is designed, it seems to suit our philosophy… It’s lightweight to implement and use, but powerful in the outcomes that it produces. I also love the support. First rate!"

Brent Pearson enboarder

Improve Communication

"Total ease of use from start to finish. Crewmojo team were incredibly helpful in getting us underway. This has gone such a long way in helping to improve our internal communications along with identifying potential issues at an early stage before they become a real problem."

Richard L Financial Services

Overcome Roadblocks

"The way in which it’s helping to keep managers and team members accountable for having 1:1 meetings and enabling conversations around roadblocks and challenges they might be having. That’s something we’re seeing as a really great result."

Christine Kennedy, Red Kite