Migrate to a flexible performance system

Get a flexible platform to create the experience your employees want

Performance Management System for businesses 50+

Regain employee confidence

Win back employee confidence with a relevant and meaningful performance experience.

Tell us what's working and what needs to change

Collect the learnings from your current system and share what you love and what you loathe.

Define the updated process

Work with Crewmojo to define the new process. Keep it simple to win people over quickly. We can always add to it later. That's agile!

See your tailored process in Crewmojo

We'll configure your process in our platform so you can see exactly how it looks and feels. Involve key stakeholders to capture their feedback early.

Integrate your HRIS data

Easily sync employee data from your HRIS, spreadsheets or payroll system.

Go live and iterate

Give your employees a relevant and meaningful performance experience. Iterate the process as times change... Oh yeah! That's the advantage of a flexible platform.

Satisfied customers

Hear what our customers have to say about our platform

If you’re looking for a tool that’s going to engage your team, build a genuinely collaborative environment, break down silos and help managers stay accountable for those one-on-one conversations, Crewmojo enables that. It’s fantastic!

Christine Kennedy

People and Culture Manager

Our team have truly embraced the platform and it’s fundamentally changed our working rhythms and conversations. The onboarding and your consistent availability to either up-skill or introduce new features has also been exceptional.

Lisa Lie

Head of People & Culture

I love Crewmojo and use it as the backbone of our people management. I love the way the product is designed, it seems to suit our philosophy… It’s lightweight to implement and use, but powerful in the outcomes that it produces. I also love the support. First rate!

Brent Pearson


It's so customisable, it's got so many different features that I do think organisations can use it to complement their processes and frameworks as opposed to being dictated to by software about how they choose to do performance management.

Anthea Corridon

EGM - People

The only platform that doesn't dictate a rigid process

Designed for organisations who prefer to bring their own distinctive employee experience to life rather than letting software dictate a generic experience.

See the
platform in action

See examples of how Crewmojo can work for your organisation. Whether you need a frequent and light-weight process or a more formal and cyclical approach, put us to the test because we love a challenge!