Bring your performance management vision to life

Use the valuable knowledge you've accrued from building your manual performance system to guide the design of your digital experience.

Keep the best of what you have now

Convert your spreadsheets & documents into a digital experience. Keep your fave templates and workflows. Make it easy for employees.

House everything in one place

Store and access everything in one place. Run reports at all levels and easily access what you need.

Brand your experience

Brand the platform with your look and feel to create a consistent employee experience.

Scale with confidence

Build a system that will scale to whatever size the business needs. Now and in the future.

The only platform that doesn't dictate a rigid process

Designed for organizations who prefer to bring their distinctive employee experience to life rather than letting software dictate a generic experience.

Streamline your performance system with ease

In just a few days, see your manual docs & spreadsheet system translated into an intuitive digital experience.

Transparent reporting at every stage of the performance cycle

See participation metrics and share performance data at all levels of the organization, in real time.

Permissions that match modern ways of working

Advanced audience based permissions allowing greater control for HR and increased relevance for employees.

Common questions for our unique approach

Costly Fee Structure?

No, our innovative platform enables the same fees as an off-the-shelf, generic product.

Implementation Time?

Our platform is built with a layered and modular architecture enabling a completely customized experience with the same lead time as a generic product.


Certainty of fit?

Put us to the test and we'll configure a live demo of your customized experience. Before you commit.

Transforming HR processes with our innovative employee performance platform.

People have recalibrated on what “great” looks like for a place to work. More than anything, it’s employee experience. We help make the promise of an exceptional EX a reality, and it all starts with personalization.

Satisfied customers

Hear what our customers have to say about our platform

If you’re looking for a tool that’s going to engage your team, build a genuinely collaborative environment, break down silos and help managers stay accountable for those one-on-one conversations, Crewmojo enables that. It’s fantastic!

Christine Kennedy

People and Culture Manager

Our team have truly embraced the platform and it’s fundamentally changed our working rhythms and conversations. The onboarding and your consistent availability to either up-skill or introduce new features has also been exceptional.

Lisa Lie

Head of People & Culture

Finding a system like Crewmojo that's all about what the customer needs and what is going on in the market. This system and the flexibility of it, and the way it can really respond to ongoing management; and people & culture challenges, for any organisation is the key reason that it's such a good solution.

Marie Omark

Executive Manager Corporate Services

I love Crewmojo and use it as the backbone of our people management. I love the way the product is designed, it seems to suit our philosophy… It’s lightweight to implement and use, but powerful in the outcomes that it produces. I also love the support. First rate!

Brent Pearson


Digitize your performance system

Experience the benefits of digitizing your performance system with our platform.

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