Simple, Fair and Effective Performance Reviews

An online review process your employees will love

Take the admin and bias out of employee reviews with an engaging online and human experience. Define performance in your organization and bring it to life with a focus on growth and development.

A Human Process for Human Beings

No end of year surprises

Fair and unbiased

Review employee performance across multiple data points throughout the period.

Incorporate feedback from peers and cross-functional teams to ensure accurate, unbiased data that employees will trust.

Avoid brilliant jerks

Measure beyond KPI's

Review performance in context of the complete employee picture.

Choose how you build your reviews from kPI’s, goals, values, personal development and team contribution.

Quick start process

Example review questions

Get started with our science-backed question library of performance review questions.

Edit our questions or add your own to easily tailor the process for your organisation.

Reviews in Crewmojo
Be data driven and build trust

Transparent process

Easily track, understand and report on your performance process adoption. See rolled up scores, strengths and recommended areas for improvements for each component of your performance process.

Then drill right down into granular team and individual data driving the dashboard.

Re-imagining performance reviews to build trust and transparency

The enboarder story

  • Easy to setup and administer
  • Widespread adoption meaning good people management practices
  • Nicely structured and effective 1-on-1’s
  • People now giving and receiving feedback through the organisation
  • Clear goals set throughout the business

Stay Connected

Crewmojo apps keep you connected to your team members wherever you are. Update your one-on-one agenda’s, praise on the go and respond to team updates.