Step into M&C Saatchi's world, where everyone from the CEO to the concierge contributes to a unique workplace culture. Aleece Dening, HR Operations Partner, takes you behind the scenes to explore how they unite nine business units under one culture.

Learn how employees lead their own performance reviews, while managers shift from paperwork to meaningful conversations. We'll also uncover the real-world challenges and successes of bringing a human-centred performance experience to life.

Tune in for a story about building a work environment filled with purpose and connection.


00:00 Introduction
02:07 The challenge of culture with 9 business units
03:02 The purpose of performance at M&C Saatchi
04:46 Getting employee buy-in for company values
06:00 Connecting performance to strategy
08:53 Principles of the M&C Saatchi performance process
09:42 Mapping the employee journey from Day 1
11:09 Employee-led performance review
11:34 Taking away the admin so managers can focus on conversation
15:17 We just want employees to know that we give a shit
16:23 Migrating from a manual process to a digital experience
19:52 Getting employee champions involved in the design process
23:11 The 360 review process
26:33 Separating development plans into core and growth goals
29:29 What was the rollout strategy?
32:16 Trying to please everybody when made up of 9 divisions
33:58 What was surprising?

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