In this episode, we delve into the heart of Mantel Group's unique, feedback-focused approach to performance enhancement. We explore how this trailblazing organisation is pushing boundaries by empowering employees to take ownership of the process, fostering a culture of trust in place of rigid policies, and cultivating an environment for individualised experiences.

Our journey explores the simplicity of their system, spotlighting the transformative shift from traditional managerial roles to 'people guides' - a distinct role that influences ‘guidees’ without making pay or performance decisions.

We illuminate the 'My Deal' concept, an innovative substitute to conventional performance reviews, centred on the individual employee needs rather than an organisation process. We learn about the significance of a tool that aligns with their culture, principles and style, echoing their core values at every step.

Feedback forms the cornerstone of the Mantel Group ethos, becoming the crucial ingredient for powerful coaching conversations and ongoing development. This process is brought to life through a collaborative method, embracing the collective input and experiences of all team members.

Join us in exploring the inner workings of Mantel Group's unique approach, and discover how feedback can fuel transformation across an organisation.

00:00 Introduction to Mantel Group

02:28 Principles-based culture

03:50 Connecting feedback with values

06:55 The three feedback questions

09:13 The lesson about free-text feedback

10:05 Creating ownership with feedback

13:40 Transparent feedback

15:45 Need for a flexible tool

19:30 The ‘My Deal’ conversation

23:00 7 Brands on 1 tool

26:00 Feedback from customers

27:44 Implementation lessons

32:40 People guides vs managers

36:43 Accountability & learnings

41:02 User stories for design

43:11 Iterating the process

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