Join us for an insightful exploration of Starlight Children's Foundation's innovative people-focused performance model. We delve into the foundation's three-lense view on performance - individual, team, and organisation - and discuss how growth and well-being serve as critical drivers of their success.

Listen to how user-centred design influences the employee experience and how People Managers play a key role in ensuring a positive, empowering work culture.

Discover the power of language in shaping experiences, the importance of integrating development goals with role responsibilities, and the necessary steps in adopting a feedback-oriented culture. We also explore Starlight's distinct reflection process utilizing their '4+1 Questions' approach and the role of formal training for managers.

Understand the metrics Starlight uses to measure the effectiveness of its people practices and how they've achieved an impressive 100% completion rate for reflections. The episode is not just about the 'what' but also provides practical advice on implementing a similar approach in your organisation - from creating a guiding vision document to ensuring a successful launch day. Finally, we discuss the role of accountability and the vision for people managers as impactful coaches.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to understand how to create a thriving organizational culture that empowers employees and fosters continual growth and development.

With Ashlee Gunstone and Melissa Barker


00:00:00 Introduction to Starlight Children’s Foundation
00:01:58 The purpose of performance at Starlight
00:02:36 Starlight’s three lenses of performance
00:04:03 Growth and well-being as drivers of performance
00:04:26 User-Centred Design
00:05:42 The role of People Managers
00:07:08 A positive approach as an enabler of performance
00:08:33 People managers as coaches
00:10:14 Part-time vs full-time and right-sizing the experience
00:11:59 Integrating development goals with role responsibilities
00:12:51 Busting a myth of a positive focus!
00:14:14 The importance branding the experience
00:16:13 Aligning external tools with organisation culture
00:16:48 Key elements of the framework
00:18:00 A open time frame for goal setting
00:19:02 Ongoing coaching towards goals
00:19:40 The process of reflections - Checking in 3 times a year
00:23:10 An iterative approach to people practices
00:23:50 Deep dive into the Starlight reflection process and the use of 4 + 1 Questions
00:26:09 Building individual ownership of learning and growth
00:27:51 In the moment feedback and integrating with the flow of work
00:28:28 Formal training for all people managers
00:29:10 Adoption levels of Crewmojo feedback feature
00:30:01 Integrating feedback with values
00:30:32 Tips for how to get started with a feedback culture
00:32:14 The ‘why’ of feedback and understanding the intention
00:33:31 Implementation tips - A guiding vision document, an authentic process and bringing employees on the journey
00:35:15 A focused ‘first task’ to start employees on the platform - Launch day
00:36:50 Weaving accountability into the process
00:38:34 Key metrics for tracking the effectiveness of the process
00:39:50 Achieving a 100% completion rate for reflections
00:41:26 Reporting and insights for managers
00:43:33 A focus on people managers being great coaches to impact the EX

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