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Effortlessly kick off your company's success with the help of pre-made templates and resources from successful organisations.

Customise them to align with your unique company culture or create your own templates with ease.

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Get a detailed performance history for each team member, making it easy for managers to save time and make informed decisions.

Say goodbye to subjective reviews and hello to fair, evidence-based evaluations.

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"At the quarterly review, (managers) can go in, they can see exactly what has happened throughout that particular quarter. They have it all there and are able to deliver a conversation and have genuine conversations... it's a really connected conversation. That has made a big difference."

Megan Maddigan, Peoplecare
Right Employee Experience

Engaging experience

Reviews don't have to be as dry as 3-day old cake.

Set up engaging question formats, add in snappy imagery and make your reviews feel .... human.

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Our platform is flexible and can accommodate your preferred performance review processes.

Simply provide us with the details and we ensure it's accurately reflected in our system.

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Track the process all in one place. Automate and personalise communication and alerts according to progress.

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Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
We have a real habit of saying, "Yes, we support that."

Can someone change roles during the review period & have an up-to-date review?

Yes, they can. If someone goes on secondment, takes on an acting role or makes a permanent change, their review can be updated to reflect that.

Can you work with non-traditional review periods?

Yes, we can. You can schedule reviews on an arbitrary date, an employee's anniversary date, or a financial or calendar year. You can spread employee reviews evenly across time periods. Tell us what you need in your demo.

Can we change goals mid-year to refocus the team?

Yes. You are not locked into a set of goals for an entire review period. A year is just too long in this rapidly changing environment. You can change course if you need to.

Can a new manager see the review history of an existing employee?

Yes. New managers can see their team members entire performance review history.
That includes past 1-on-1s, goals and reviews. Simple!

Can we make a change to our template or sign-off process once we have set it up?

Yes. You can easily change your review template or sign-off process. You can either update the template or you can reach out to our local on-ground support team for support.

Can people complete their reviews on a mobile phone?

Yes. We have a fully featured mobile app for iOS and Andriod. Your team can complete their review on any device.

Can you do 360 reviews on the platform?

Yes, you can. The platform can support the creation of review templates that can go to either a group selected by the person or it can be done by creating an automated process to get feedback from the person's team, their managers and peers.

Can two different managers conduct a review ?

Yes, they can. Many of our partners have matrix org structures. We have built a flexible platform so that this situation is simple to manage.

Can different teams have different review templates & timing?

Yes, they can. You can create different review journeys for different employee groups. Ask us about it in your demo.

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