Goal management that drives performance

Help your people gain a sense of achievement and show the impact they are having at work with our goal management software.

Right Focus

Team clarity

Experience the power of clarity in goal setting and watch your team soar to new heights.

Boost your team's focus, alignment and motivation with clear goal setting.

Right Goals Approach

OKR's, SMART or KPI's? You choose

Our customers use a wide range of goal frameworks on our platform. Tell us which framework you use. We'll set it up for you.

Too easy.

You're in good company

We use Crewmojo in our department quite a lot ... I get to see all my staff progress. I get to see them move forward in their own development and we can finally get to our big smiley face.

Claudette Merrick, Currumbin Wildlife Sancturry

Right Alignment

Cascading goals.
Or not! You choose

Use a bottom-up or top down approach. Cascade all, some or none of your goals.

We match the way you want to work. Refreshing.

Right for HR

Automate goal reporting.

Report goal progress at individual, team and business level. Link & report on cross-functional projects.

Dynamically update goal progress on your team's dashboards where it makes sense. Set up standard reports.

Save hours. Oh yeah!


Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
We have a real habit of saying, "Yes, we can do that."

Can you centralise goal management ?

Yes, you can. Ask us how this works in your demo.

Can you choose the goal cycles?

Yes. You choose annual goals, quarterly or annual goals. Have something else you need? Ask us how.

Can you make company goals public and individual goals private?

Yes. You tell us how you would like to manage the visibility of goals and we will refect that for you.

Can you make all goals public and collaborative?

Yes. You can make goals public and allow everyone to comment, make suggestions and add notes.

Can you make goals visible to the immediate team only?

Yes, you can.

Can you categorise goals across teams and report on them?

Yes. You can. If you have a business wide project you can see how all of the various departments are progressing on the project.

Can you set cascading financial goals?

Yes. You can set financial goals across a team or you can set financial goals across groups.

Can you clone or roll-over goals at the end of a period?

Yes, you can. We love to save you time. Ask us how in your demo.

Can you clone goals and assign them to people?

Yes, you can. It's a great way to get people started.  

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