Goals and OKR software

Keep your people, teams and organization aligned with goals and OKRs

Be a goal-driven organisation

It’s exciting to set goals in a strategic planning session, but often the execution can be a challenge - whether it’s a lack of accountability, a changed environment or new priorities; they can all derail the best laid plans.

De-risk the process and drive performance towards your strategic plan by creating, aligning, and tracking your goals in Crewmojo.
Give your team a flexible goal process


Empower your people to set goals in a way that works for their role and individual work preferences.

Whether that’s through shared goals, personal responsibilities, cascading down, or aligned up - you won’t be constrained by a rigid process.

Easily track progress

Key results to capture progress

With a goal process that prompts for measurable key results, team members can see exactly what needs to be done for each objective and get motivated by their progress over time.

The flexible process works seamlessly with all teams, whether you’re working on long-term projects or shorter-term metrics.

Stay aligned across all your teams

Keep company objectives front and center

Company objectives are displayed on everyone’s dashboard to keep the big picture front of mind. See updates in real-time so everyone feels informed and connected.


Flexible and adaptable

Get total flexibility without being locked into one goal framework and know you can easily adapt your approach over time.

With goal platforms the devil is in the detail - whether it’s running private or transparent goals, changing the way progress is calculated, allowing alignment to one or multiple goals… and deciding if your goal should contribute to another goal’s progress or simply be connected.

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