1-on-1 Meeting Software

Conduct effective 1-on-1’s that build trust and drive performance

Meaningful 1-on-1 meetings

The most valuable time a manager has with their team is in one-on-one meetings. Whether you’re a first time manager or seasoned executive, 1-on-1’s with Crewmojo’s meeting software will make this crucial time more organised, efficient and meaningful.

Before your meeting

A flexible and collaborative agenda

Easily add talking points prior to the 1-on-1 so nothing gets forgotten. Pick what’s important in the moment, whether it’s your company values or challenges with current work.

Together, you control the agenda to make it meaningful every time. It’s all about managers and team members connecting with quality conversations on a regular basis.

During your meeting

Be a 1-on-1 super coach

Drive highly effective coaching conversations with our pre-configured activities. From career path to learning & development, values & culture and everything in between we’ve got you covered - no coaching experience necessary.

After your meeting

We do the admin, so you can be productive

Automatically receive meeting minutes in your email and get action items reminded & tracked between 1-on-1’s.

Do all of this at scale across multiple 1-on-1’s, whether it’s an an onboarding discussion with a new hire, a pipeline discussion with your sales rep, or your own career progression - Crewmojo takes care of it all so you can focus on the conversation.

Powerful 1-on-1 journeys

Place HR processes on auto-pilot

Create unique 1-on-1 activities and curate them together to build out your own employee journeys, then automate the whole process with journey triggers. Whether it’s a 90 day onboarding journey, a 3 month development plan, or a 6 month mentoring program, - the possibilities are endless.