Who 'brands' their performance process?

Mark Lewis
May 6, 2023

The Branding Wave: Making 'Performance' a Positive First Impression

It's a trend we've seen gaining momentum over the last couple of years.

Branding is a powerful way of shifting any negative association with the 'performance' word and often anchors the process in organisation values.

Our customers are making performance a positive 'thing' through branding and carrying that theme through each component of the experience.

Anchoring the Vibe: How Our Customers Are Rocking Performance

Some examples we've seen 'performance' re-named as:

  • Achieve @ ....
  • SHINE @ ...
  • People Excellence @ ...
  • Mojo @ ...
  • Ambition @ ...
  • Grow & Perform @ ...

What do you call performance at your organisation? Would love to know.

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