Unlocking the Benefits of an Integrated Performance System

Mark Lewis
May 12, 2023

The Many Pieces of the Performance Puzzle

A performance process has many components; goal setting, development plans, coaching, 1:1s, mid-cycle reviews, feedback/recognition, end-of-cycle reviews…

The problem with most approaches to performance comes from a feature-based approach, relying on employees to figure out how and when to interact with each component.

The Big Picture: Interconnecting Processes

This is because the performance cycle typically unfolds over a year and has multiple subprocesses involved. We end up viewing each process as a separate thing when they are actually all interconnected.

To achieve an effective system we need to package all the components into a coherent experience, making it easy for employees to understand the current context, what they need to do next and why it’s a sensible activity that's useful for them.

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