Uncovering the Hidden Depths of HR Tech Integrations

Mark Lewis
May 24, 2023

HRTechFest Insights: Questions That Get Asked (and What's Missing)

At HRTechFest last week it struck me one of the most common questions we get asked by HR ppl often has a problem.

Being a piece of the HR Tech Stack, we get the integration question...

"Do you integrate with xyz HRIS/payroll system?"

"Do you integrate with Microsoft/Google suite?"

The Integration Question: When "Yes" Isn't Enough

When a vendor answers "yes we do", that question is usually ticked as done and the conversation moves on. When really it should be followed up with another question...

"That's great, tell me more about this integration?"

More Than Just Tech Talk: Why HR Leaders Should Dig Deeper

This is not about the technical aspects of the integration, that can be left to IT.

Eg, an integration with your HRIS or Payroll. Does it only create employee records in the connected system and you need to manually create relationships, or are reporting structures carried across and teams automatically created in the connected system? What happens when employee records are updated such as a new manager in the HRIS, are these changes reflected or do you end up with an out-of-sync system?

The Microsoft Connection: How It Can Make or Break Employee Experience

The Microsoft integration directly impacts employee experience (and all integrations are not equal). Does the calendar feature only send out an ICS file - this style integration will lead to frustrated employees as it creates calendar clashes. A more robust integration looks at real time calendar availability from within the connected system and writes directly to participants calendars (and if needed includes a Teams or Zoom link!).

Don't Hold Back: Press Vendors for Details That Matter

As an HR leader, don't be shy about pressing vendors to explain the depth and detail of their integrations. It's essential for getting clarity over the experience you are creating for your employees, managers and yourself.

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