Key Ideas for Successful HR Tech Implementation and Adoption

Mark Lewis
June 23, 2023

The Ultimate Success Metric: Employee Adoption

There is a key metric for successful HR Tech implementation: Employees adopting the tool.

Some ideas we’ve learnt that help this metric…

⚙️ Design the process first, don’t let tech dictate the process.

🛣️ Roll out one concept at time, nobody likes the cognitive load of new software to learn.

👟 Train for the skill as well as the software (how to conduct a coaching conversation vs how to schedule a 1:1, or how to set a meaningful goal vs where to enter the goal).

📜 Automate the workflow so it’s obvious what needs to be done next, don’t expect busy employees to remember a multi-step process.

🚀 View go-live as a first version, encourage end-users to share feedback to iterate the process.

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